Improved Orientation in Skiing Areas

Ski navigation for web, smartphone and information displays


Turn-by-turn piste navigation? Now it’s possible – just the way you’re used to in cars, regardless of whether you want to find a specific lift or your favourite hut. EVOSKI Ski Navigation Apps help skiers navigate to various points of interest in the skiing area. The routes can be planned on the website in advance, or live from the piste by simply using a smartphone or smart ski goggles app – even when offline!

End devices & apps

EVOSKI Ski Navigation can be used via a web browser, on information displays in skiing areas, on smartphones and on smart ski goggles. All clients have access to instant route calculation. The software can also consider closed lifts and pistes, and can avoid difficult pistes. And thanks to the weather forecast feature, skiing trips can be optimally planned.

Detailed route instructions and bespoke and current ski maps contribute to an optimal user experience.

Skiing navigation features

Skiers can navigate from their current location to any point of interest in the skiing area (such as a hut for example). The more difficult or closed pistes and lifts can be excluded from the navigation calculation.

The route is calculated within a few seconds and can be viewed on a map or as a list for orientation. If one has left the calculated route, a new route can be requested at any time. The navigation app even works offline on smartphones and smart ski goggles.

New! Voice output and weather forecast

Skiiers now have the possibility to be navigated through the ski resort via voice output. Start navigation, plug in headphones and receive routing details during the trip. If a longer trip is planned, users can now retrieve a weahter forecast along the entire route. This feature allows precise planning of the whole skiing day, because the feature does not only consider route & distance but also time.

EVOSKI was developed in close collaboration with the Austrian navigation expert Toursprung.

Find lifts & huts easily
Turn-by-turn navigation
Closed pistes & lifts
Voice output on smartphones


Ski amadé are offering their guests a special service for the third year running: an app specifically for smart ski goggles. A highlight in the winter 2016/17 was the integration of EVOSKI Ski Navigation.

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